Company Profile

Company Philosophy

Hymo builds a broad relationship of mutual trust with customers and other people by getting concerned over their subject to be solved
Hymo respects the creativity and continues to strive for innovation
Hymo is committed to conducting business in the way that utilizes and maximizes the potential and advantages of employees to seek for an affluent society

Corporate Code of Conduct

1.[Management Ambidexterity]
We will develop new businesses while promoting current business activities and fulfill our corporate social responsibility and achieve sustainable development.
2.[Business Innovation]
We will create innovative ideas and develop products that are useful to society and have added value.
3.[Individual Diversity]
We will respect individual human rights, enhance our capabilities through working styles that consider diversity, personality, and individuality, and seek to behave in line with the times.
4.[Consideration for the Environment]
We will regard the protection of the global environment as an important factor for continuing our business and consider the impact on the environment to reduce waste and energy.
5.[Relationship of trust with customers]
We will disclose and provide appropriate information on products to our customers, sincerely communicate with them, improve customer satisfaction, and earn their trust.