Company Profile

Company Philosophy

Hymo builds a broad relationship of mutual trust with customers and other people by getting concerned over their subject to be solved
Hymo respects the creativity and continues to strive for innovation
Hymo is committed to conducting business in the way that utilizes and maximizes the potential and advantages of employees to seek for an affluent society

Corporate Code of Conduct

1.[Overall Strategy (Strategy Oriented)]
Showing the prospective Hymo to be as a common target for all of us, we lay down a scheme to reach the target with strategic mind.
2.[Customer Oriented]
We give the first priority to the "Customer satisfaction", based on the information, obtained through broad range participation of any and all our members with customers and market.
We shall constantly remain intuitive to changes in the times and environment, strive to obtain even higher goals with a spirit of creativity, and always aim to be an organization with endless self-innovation and vitality
4.[Bidirectional Communication]
We shall always place emphasis on standing someone’s shoes and taking action to deepen mutual understanding. At the same time, we will share useful information each other by communicating actively both inside and outside our company, and utilize it at the maximum.
5.[Full Participation]
Each and everyone of us will strive to identify issues, make proposals and take proactive action with a sense of responsibility. Moreover, we will place emphasis on being as a reliable company so that such a process is acceptable, and work hard to create a corporate culture which educate employee and leverages their advantage.