Company Profile


Year HistoryLaunch of leading products
1961Established as Kyoritsu Co., Ltd. (Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
1962Polycondensed cationic polymer "Himoloc P-2"
Anionic polymer "Himoloc L"
1963Samukawa Plant in operation
1964Relocated headquarters (to Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
1965Opened Osaka branch
1966Mannich cationic polymer, "Himoloc M"
1967Nonionic polymer, "Himoloc G"
1969Opened Tokuyama branch
1970Chigasaki Laboratory in operationAnion powder, "Himoloc SS"
1971"Unimech Decolor", the DAF on market
Polycondensed cationic polymer "Himoloc Q"
1972Completed construction of Yamaguchi Plant
Relocation of Tokuyama sub-branch, reopened as sub-Yamaguchi branch
1973Chigasaki Plant (present Kanagawa Plant) in operation
1974Opened Sendai sub-branchCationic powder, "Himoloc MP"
1975Changed name of Sendai/Fuji/Nagoya/Kokura sub-branches to “sales offices”
1976Relocated headquarters (Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo) to Ginza Kikuchi Building
1977Established Tohoku Kyoritsu Co., Ltd.
1978Momoishi Plant, (present Aomori Plant) in operationPtintability improving agent "Himax"
1979Opened the Sapporo sales office
1980Integrated Samukawa Plant with the Chigasaki Plant (present day Kanagawa Plant)Methacrylate cationic polymer flocculant "Himoloc MP" absorbent
1982Water absorbent polymer, "Himosab HS"
1983Seeding binder, "Himoseed"
1984Integrated Sapporo sales office with the HeadquartersAcrylate cationic polymer flocculant "Himoloc MP"
1985Dust reducing agent for NATM, "Hinatom"
1986 Cationic high concentration polymer, "Himoloc E, DR"
1987Samukawa Laboratory (present day Shonan Research Center) in operation
1991Changed company name to Hymo Corporation
Transferred the employees of Tohoku Kyoritsu Co., Ltd. to Hymo
1993Polyamidine cationic powder polymer, "Himoloc ZP"
1994Opened the Tokyo branch. Integrated the Sendai and Nagoya sales offices.Emulsion polymer, "Himoloc MX, V"
1995Relocated headquarters (to Kowa Building 28, Gotanda, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)
1996Relocated the Osaka sales office (Chuo Ward, Osaka)
Raised status to Osaka branch and integrated with Yamaguchi sales office.
New fluidized bed biological treatment system "α-Bio Systems"
1999Relocated the Kokura sales office and changed name to Fukuoka sales office
2000Two component retention system for paper, "Hymo Twins System"
Interlayer resistant spray agent, "Himoloc MJ"
2001Long life PAGE, Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
Agent for raw material processing in paper manufacturing "Himax SC"
2003Chemical Site Fukuoka in operation. Water soluble paint thickener, "Himovis PS"
2004Opened the Equipment Center SaitamaTest Equipment Center Saitama in operation.
Emulsion retention aid for paper, "Himoloc RX"
2005Dispersion type retention aid "Himoloc ND"
2006Business transfer from KAYAFLOC CO LTD
Opened the Sapporo sales office.
Cationic liquid polymer flocculant "Himoloc FC"
2011Opened the Sendai sub-branch
Relocated the Saitama Equipment Center and renamed it the Hiratsuka Technology Center
2012Changed name of Sendai sub-branch to "sales office"
Relocated headquarters to the present location
2017Opened the Nagoya sales office
2019Opened the Hiroshima sales office
2020Expanded Business Scope of the Chemical site Fukuoka and renamed it “Fukuoka Plant”
Transferred Flocculants and Coagulants Business from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
2022Integrated Fuji sales office with the Headquarters and Nagoya sales office