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Accumulate technology and trust,to continuously create a new future.

We at HYMO started off by solving wastewater treatment issues during a period of high economic growth, and we went on to provide highly functional products and services to the paper making and civil engineering markets. In parallel with Japan’s economic growth, we have been expanding our business as a water treatment chemical manufacturer.

The ability to provide solutions in a broad range of fields is one of our strengths, and we have long valued not only product manufacturing but also client satisfaction. Moving forward, we will continue advancing as a top runner in the industry by engaging in new development in a daily basis through the businesses with numerous customers. Furthermore, we intend to continue proactively entering the ever-expanding overseas market and taking on challenges in completely new fields.

In addition, about 60 years have passed since our company was founded, and in order to continue being indispensable to society for the next 50 to 100 years, we believe it is necessary to increase the confidence of all stakeholders. To accomplish this, we will further enhance our corporate structure to continue providing high-value added products and services. We will endeavor to disclose information in a transparent manner, and enhance legal compliance, quality, and environmental efforts to improve corporate value.

We will also create new value based on HYMO’s management philosophy, continue to acquire customers in future, and strive for constant growth.

Kazuhiro TokitaPresident & CEO, HYMO CORPORATION